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Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster, LLC
329 South Market Street
Wooster, OH 44691

(330) 281-6324


Rob and Courtney from Vermilion, OH

We drove an hour and twenty minutes to Wooster for our Impala and we were really impressed with the ease of the buying process here.  We both liked the car and wanted to support a small business.  We'd recommend Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster as we had a very friendly, straight-forward buying experience here and got a great car! 

Elizabeth from Wooster, OH

I stopped into Oak Hill Auto for my daughter's first car based upon "recommendations from people on Facebook.  Everything was great - very easy to deal with (and the owner) was very friendly and straightforward!"

Morgan and Brandt from Wooster, OH

"We like to shop small and local when we can (and) Ryan is very welcoming, low-pressure and honest."   "No Pressure!" was what we were impressed with the most!  "We also appreciate being able to bring our son and dog along for our test drives!  Thanks Ryan!"

Andrew from Stow, OH

I'm a very satisfied customer!  I was looking for a clean and reasonably priced truck on CarGurus and was the most impressed with the honesty and professionalism at Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster!

Leanne from Wooster, OH

I had an excellent experience and would recommend Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster to my friends or family!  I was really impressed with the explanation of the closing paperwork, the car, and Ryan was very pleasant to work with! 

When I told my local mechanic that I was going to be shopping for a new car and I told him that I was considering a car at Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster, my mechanic said "I've heard nothing but good things from that guy"

Matt from Sherrodsville, OH

My experience was great!  Very Honest!  I'd recommend Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster as (the owner) was very helpful, accurate description (of the car), and for the transparency through the sale!

Steven from Wheatfield, IN

This (TrailBlazer) was first on my list to check out!  I don't like dealing with big dealerships and was most impressed by the dealer's honesty and the clean vehicles for driving 5 hours to Ohio for my low-mileage TrailBlazer.

Kara from Creston, OH

We were the most impressed with the Dealer's knowledge of cars and was friendly and honest.  I enjoyed my experience.  The dealer is honest and straightforward.  He knows what he's talking about and made us feel comfortable.  

Velid and His Dad from Fort Wayne, IN

Ryan had exactly what I was looking for!  10/10 experience from me!  We were really impressed with the honesty and communication we had with coming in from out of state to purchase the Tacoma!

Jacqueline and Her Son Logan from Wooster, OH

We stopped into Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster for their word of mouth reputation locally.  We were really impressed with the thoroughness and speed of the transaction with knowledge of the vehicle!  

Darrenger and Billie from Harrisville, WV

We decided to drive over 2 hours up from West Virginia to Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster based upon how nice the cars looked and (the) prices.   We were most impressed with how the owner "explained things and walked us through every step and had awesome service!"

Wendy and Andrew from Wooster, OH

Andrew and I chose Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster from a "referral of experience and seemed like fair pricing for decent cars" and were the most impressed by "(the) knowledge of your vehicles, honest, fair" and would recommend Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster because it was "professional, thorough, and friendly"

Mike and Brenda from Wooster, OH

We chose Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster due to the "location and the quality of vehicles on the lot"  We were the most impressed by the "quality of the vehicles and owner's personality.  We were treated very well and all questions answered.  No pressure and allowed us to look at the vehicle thoroughly and test drive which I really appreciated."

Bill and Jodi from Wooster, OH

Bill and I have wanted a truck for a long time and finally found just what we were looking for at Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster. Not only did we find a nice clean and well maintained vehicle but also EXCELLENT customer service.

Tonia from Perrysville, OH

Ryan was great!!! So patient with us and NO pressure!!! Thank you!! Highly recommend buying your next car from him!!

Melody from Wooster, OH

I had such an amazing experience. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Kelsey from Columbus, OH

I had a wonderful experience purchasing my car here. Highly recommend!

Maryann from Rootstown, OH

Ryan Craig is the SHIZNIK!!! Oak Hill has the best prices, the very best quality, and 5 star customer service. I don't care how far away from Wooster you live, Oak Hill Auto is well worth the drive and you will NEVER be disappointed! THANK YOU, RYAN! This was the VERY BEST car buying experience EVER!

Robin from Wooster, OH

This is a top notch dealership! My daughter was treated with consideration and professionalism and Ryan went over and above to see that she got a great car! We highly recommend dealing here for fair and excellent care ! Great business! Thanks!!!

Jodi from Alliance, OH

Highly recommend Oak Hill Auto Sales of Wooster for anyone looking to buy a reliable car  for a great price!  Ryan was very honest and easy to work with, no pressure. Love the bassets!

John from Homerville, OH

"Small, personable.  Most impressed by customer service"

Randy from Navarre, OH

Great buying experience! Owner is very friendly, professional, helpful and honest. He goes above and beyond to accommodate the customer's needs. The vehicle was just as advertised and very clean. The price was more than fair. It was a fast and pleasant, absolutely no pressure transaction. I highly recommend checking out Oak Hill if you are looking for a good quality used vehicle!